Microsoft, Google, and Intel continue to beat Apple in brand value

You would think with all the buzz and cult following that Apple generates it's brand value would be leading in the rankings, but that's not the case. According to consulting firm Interbrand's recently released top 100 Global Brands list, Apple is actually ranked number 8, behind Microsoft, Google, and Intel. And this is an improvement from its previous year's ranking.

Taking the number one spot is the sugar-water giant Coca-Cola, which has an estimated brand value of $71 billion. Following close behind is IBM at $70 billion, then Microsoft at $59 billion and Google at $55 billion. GE and McDonald's take the next two slots ahead of Intel at $35 billion and finally Apple at $33 billion.

The ranking is based on three criteria, including the financial performance of the branded products, the degree to which the brand influences customer decisions in purchasing the company's products, and the brands ability to meet future earnings expectations.

The top 10 is dominated by tech companies, but Interbands says that the positions are always at risk of a major flop or a more innovative competitor. Google has remained at the number 4 spot since the year before, but Apple has shot up from number 17 to number 8.

[via Daily Finance]