Microsoft gives some Windows Phone users 20GB of SkyDrive for 1 year

Will Conley - Dec 21, 2013, 2:46pm CST
Microsoft gives some Windows Phone users 20GB of SkyDrive for 1 year

Microsoft last night sent out an email to some of its Windows Phone users informing them of some good news. They will get 20GB of additional SkyDrive storage for one year, in addition to the 7 free GB that SkyDrive users already get. The holiday gift only applies to “Windows Phone Enthusiast Users”.

The email made no mention of what constitutes an “enthusiast user”. Not all users, therefore, will be getting the free 20GB of storage. If you’re a SkyDrive user and didn’t receive an email, you’re apparently not very enthusiastic.

The free storage lasts a year. Beyond that, you’ll have to pay. So really the gift should be seen as a freemium promotion rather than an all-out freebie. If you don’t pay for another year after that, you won’t be able to access your SkyDrive files. Such is digital life in the cloud storage age.

Those of you who received an email from Microsoft have until Jan. 31, 2014 to claim your 20GB, according to the email. Just click the in-line link. Your SkyDrive account will be credited right away.


SkyDrive is one of many cloud storage services vying for your business. Two other popular standouts include Google Drive and Dropbox. Both offer a limited amount of free storage without an expiration date, but their capacities vary.


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