Microsoft Flight Simulator can be bought as a 10-disc set in Europe

When was the last time you bought a PC game that came in more than one or two dual-layer DVDs? Heck, when was the last time you actually bought a PC game on a DVD? While still very common on consoles, digital distribution has become the prevalent way most PC gamers buy these days. That's why the revelation that Microsoft's upcoming Flight Simulator will have a multi-disc physical edition is, in itself, already surprising. That the set will have 10 dual-layer DVDs is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Yes, you read that right. Ten dual-layer DVDs which, in total, would hold an average of 100GB of data. That speaks volumes (slight pun intended) of how big the game will be. You don't even have to guess because, fortunately, game developer Aerosoft breaks it down for us.

Developer Mathijs Kok reveals that there are four parts to the game. The mandatory code for the game itself is pretty small and the dozens of third-party and online content are pretty much optional. The bulk of the game, however, is mostly comprised of assets amounting to roughly 90GB. The Flight Simulator physical edition contains all of that (plus the small code, of course).

Kok assures that what you'll get is exactly the same thing you would if you downloaded the game digitally. Presuming, of course, you have the bandwidth for that much data. Oh, and you do get a printed manual and a pretty box container, yet more artifacts of ages past.

That definitely makes Microsoft Flight Simulator one of the more ambitious games in history even before it has taken off the ground (yes, another pun). The game will launch on August 18 but you can already pre-install the game now if you have an Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta).