Microsoft Fast Async will usher in Xbox Live three screen gaming

It would be cool if games that are on the Xbox 360 console that were also available for mobiles and computers could be played with multiple users all on different devices. The new feature that will enable three screen gaming is called Fast Async. Microsoft didn't offer up all the details when it was unveiled this week, but we do know some about the service. Fast Async will be implemented by Xbox Live developers that are creating turn-by-turn games like Scrabble and chess clones.

A few more details have now surfaced about Fast Async. One key fact is that it will land this fall along with Mango. The goal is to allow gamers to find players across screens. The service will be enabled in Xbox Live games only if it is implemented by the game developer. That means that it will not be a feature enabled on all games.

Considering that Xbox Live is on Windows Phone devices and Windows 8 will get Xbox Live, this appears to be the Microsoft feature that will finally allow the Xbox gamer to challenge a PC gamer. Too bad that this is only for turn-based games. I would be cool to play PC versus Xbox gamers in shooters and other types of games too.

[via Winrumors]