Microsoft Edge's new features help make sense of your Internet life

We have become increasingly dependent on the Internet these past months more than ever and many of us have found themselves both working and living inside their web browsers. Of course, it's a perfect opportunity for Microsoft to push forward its shiny new web browser Edge. At its Inspire conference, it's doing exactly that with admittedly convincing features, especially ones that will help users keep work and personal life separate or at least prevent you from going crazy by keeping your collections organized and annotated.

Modern web browsers have long supported the ability to have multiple profiles in one app which was perfect for a computer that is used by multiple persons, like a family PC. Such profiles, however, have now become even more important as people spend both their working and personal hours using the same computer and the same browser. Profiles might be convenient but juggling them definitely isn't, especially when links from one get opened in another.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge now features Automatic Profile Switching so you won't have to worry about making embarrassing mistakes. If you're on a personal profile, for example, and try to open a page or link you use for work, Edge will ask if you want to open it in a different profile. Say yes and it will open that in a new and separate window.

Edge wants to make bookmarks obsolete with Collections and it's now taking that necessary step to differentiate it from the age-old bookmarking system. With Edge's Collections, you can actually add notes that will follow that collection even when you rearrange them. This new feature is available only on desktop Edge but Microsoft is also announcing that Collections have finally landed on Android and iOS as well.

The new Chromium-based Edge is simultaneously one of Microsoft's best and worst. On the one hand, new features like these definitely make it stand out from Google Chrome. On the other hand, Microsoft's aggressive push is also turning off some people from even giving it a shot.