Microsoft Edge Collections are now on Android and iOS

Switching its browser to using a Chromium base is a double-edged sword for Microsoft. On the one hand, it can no longer really boast about its own, home-made innovations in the browser engine space and has become a bit indebted to its rival, Google. On the other hand, that also frees it up to focus on unique features that are starting to make Edge actually desirable for some users. That isn't just on the Windows 10 only either as Microsoft is now rolling out a new feature to mobile that was once limited to its Edge's desktop versions.

Collections is Microsoft Edge's souped-up version of the old and reliable bookmarking system. While bookmarks simply save links and web page titles that you can organize into folders, Collections can show cover images, text snippets, and, more recently, even notes about the pages you save. And, of course, you can organize them into less formal collections revolving around topics like specific recipes or DIY projects.

That rather useful feature has so far been available only on Microsoft Edge for the desktop. Not everyone will always be at their computers all the time, even without shelter-in-place orders. That's why it's now rolling out Collections for Android and iOS so that you can not only take your collections with you but also add to and manage them even on the go.

This mobile incarnation of Collections is pretty much on par with the desktop version, though you are, of course, limited by your screen size. One convenient feature peculiar to Edge on mobile is a collapsible drawer that allows you to view your collection on the side (actually at the bottom) while browsing a web page for easier comparison.

Microsoft Edge Collections should now be rolling out to the app for Android and iOS and will automatically sync with Edge on the desktop. Of course, that requires you to be signed into the same Microsoft account, which you may already have anyway if you're using a more recent version of Windows 10 that forces the use of Microsoft account over local logins.