Microsoft denies Blu-ray accessory for Xbox 360

Good ol' Steve Ballmer has been known to let the cat out of the bag a few times with new items and accessories coming from Redmond. This week Ballmer seemingly hinted that Microsoft would be offering up a Blu-ray accessory for the Xbox 360. That was a surprising little hint considering Microsoft has long said it would not bring Blu-ray to the Xbox.

Major Nelson now reports that Ballmer wasn't talking about the Xbox 360 when he made those comments. According to the publication, Ballmer was talking about Blu-ray accessories for the PC not for the Xbox. Microsoft still has no plans to add Blu-ray to the Xbox 360.

The Xbox don't need no stinkin' Blu-ray anyhow as it will become the first console "very soon" to offer instant on streaming of 1080p HD movies. That little gem will undoubtedly be a feature offered through Netflix, which only tends to offer older flicks and TV shows for instant streaming. Get Netflix to offer up day and date new releases in 1080p HD resolution and then you won't need Blu-ray Microsoft. Give me flicks that are weeks or months old and I will have already seen them in HD on my PS3.