Microsoft confirms Kinect is more accurate today than when it launched

I have a Kinect for my Xbox 360 that we have had for a while when the thing first landed at my house it didn't work well because the room we had the system in was too small to get decent accuracy with the Kinect. I guess I need to dig the thing out of the cabinet and plug it back in and give it another go in a larger room. Microsoft has now confirmed that the Kinect is more accurate today than it was when the accessory launched.

Dennis Davis, Xbox senior product manager, confirmed to Eurogamer that Microsoft has indeed increased the accuracy of the accessory and that the demos that Microsoft showed at E3 were proof that the Kinect was better now than ever. I would like to know the specifics about what Microsoft did and how much more accurate the Kinect is, but Dennis was mum on exactly what has changed.

Microsoft isn't done with the updating of Kinect and the Xbox either according to Dennis. The company has people working on more updates "for next year and the year after." How many of you have a Kinect and use it regularly? I'd bet a bunch of people are like me and bought one only to find it didn't work well in their room. What would you like to see Kinect be able to do?

[via Eurogamer]