Microsoft CEO: Pokemon GO, HoloLens are a perfect fit

Everything seems to be about Pokemon GO these days and almost everyone has something to say about it. It turns out, that's true even for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Actually, that's not exactly surprising considering Pokemon GO and Microsoft do have something in common: the use of augmented reality. So it's also not surprising to hear Nadella confidently claim that Pokemon GO feels built for HoloLens, even better than any smartphone can ever hope to achieve.

That's a rather tall order but it does have some logic to it. In its current incarnation, or at least without the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, using Pokemon GO requires you to pull out your smartphone and see the world through the eyes of your camera. A theoretical HoloLens version, in the words of Nadella, would let you use your eyes somewhat more directly.

Of course, that might not exactly translate into a better end experience. For one, there will still be the problem of input controls, which would either require you to use a less satisfying clicker or make you use embarrassing gestures in public. Plus, you also become a bigger and even more conspicuous target for less than savory characters.

That said, it will indeed be an interesting, and perhaps even more accessible, application of Microsoft's HoloLens. And as luck would have it, Niantic Labs is of the same mind. Now if only those wishes meant the two companies could come together and actually make it happen.

Nadella's response was framed in the question of whether he feels that Microsoft missed out on the opportunity to have Pokemon GO on the HoloLens, which, of course, he denies. That said, it is missing out as a whole by not having the AR game officially available on any of its Windows devices, be it PC or especially mobile.