Microsoft begins updating Office RT to final version

Microsoft's Surface RT runs Windows apps, not regular Windows software. As such, it comes installed with a preview of the Office RT app, which is Office 2013 for the Surface. Originally, Microsoft said that the update taking Office RT from preview into its final version wouldn't be released until November, but it seems they're ahead of schedule.

The Office RT preview currently has a watermark that reads "preview" on the splash screen, and a gold rectangle in the window bar at the top of the screen that says the app is a preview edition. The update process has already started, comprised of a total of 528MB. This means those who receive their tablets on the 26th will already have the final version of Office RT, rather than having to wait a couple weeks.

Office RT is composed of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. According to Tech Radar, the differences between Office RT and Office 2013 are negligible, and users should have no trouble switching between the two. It's important to note that this is for the desktop applications, however, and not the Metro apps, which are stripped down and feature far less functionality.

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet is available for pre-order now, with the $499 model currently on a 3 week backorder. The device runs Windows RT, which is an ARM-optimized Windows operating system that cannot run standard windows software. An Intel-based version of the Surface is slated for release in a few months; it will run Windows 8.

[via Ars Technica]