Microsoft bank emptied of new 80GB Zunes

Sure, you can find 4GB and 8GB flash models all over the place. Once again though, MS put their eggs in the wrong basket and focused production efforts on the flash models expecting them to be the ones selling out, but no, it's the new 80GB versions that are sold out both online and in retail stores.

Apparently the retailers aren't expecting any more stock of the 80GB players until after Christmas. So, Microsoft finally makes a player worthy of a sellout and then they run out of them well before the holiday season and won't be restocked until well after. Genius.

So, if you want a flash based Zune 2.0, they are everywhere, but if the 80GB model is what your heart desires, you can either buy an 80GB iPod Classic, or wait until after Christmas. Hopefully the boys in Redmond get their priorities straight and are able to crank out more of the players mighty (expletive delete) ricky tick.

Zune Shortage Reported. Yes, a Shortage! [via wired]