Microsoft Annouces Vista Release Dates, Changes Licensing Terms

Hey, better late than never, right? Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system, the first new Windows to come out in 5 years, finally has a concrete, set-in-stone (until the next delay, at least) release date; November 30th for business users and January 30th for everyone else. This means that businesses, well-known for their "wait for the Service Pack 1" mentality, have extra time to evaluate the new OS and decide on deployment before Microsoft makes every effort to make us forget Windows XP.

Microsoft also changed the installation licensing terms for Vista. Originally, you could only you could only install it once and then transfer the license to one other machine; after that, you had to get a new license to use Vista on any other machines. Now, due to the massive outcry from PC enthusiasts worldwide, Microsoft has changed the license to allow installation on as many machines as you want provided you uninstall the previous Vista installation first. So people can rest assured that when they drop $399 on Vista Ultimate that they'll get their money's worth.

[via Gizmodo]