Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard Tested by Students, Results are Varied

Evan Selleck - Oct 21, 2010
Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard Tested by Students, Results are Varied

It has been a couple of months since the Adaptive Keyboard from Microsoft broke cover. It was then that we got our first glimpse of the company’s keyboard that features an LCD back, and a dynamic keyboard. While we’re still wishing that the keyboard would be coming to the retail market, we’ll be happy enough with a video of students using the keyboard in their own ways, coming up with new tasks for the keyboard to complete. The results are varied, but the overall idea is a pretty unique one.

For keyboards, they’re a pretty simple lot for the most part. You use it to type, or input numbers, or interact with your computer in other ways. But, for the most part, they’re pretty plain in their implementation. We’ve seen plenty of keyboard variants out there, featuring everything from interchangeable keys to a touchscreen display, but a dynamic and adaptive keyboard is a great idea. And the students that managed to get their hands on them used their creativity to show why exactly a keyboard of this nature is so great.

One student made it so that the keyboard, after a simple push of a button, showcased the icons on the keyboard that are also on your desktop. Another student made it possible for Windows Media Player playlist controls to pop up to the forefront, for easy accessibility. The video below, which clocks in at 24 minutes, will show you plenty of other student-created work with the Adaptive Keyboard. With this still fresh in our mind, we’re hoping that other company’s can create the Adaptive Keyboard in their own way, much like the other hardware we’ve seen in the past, the Optimus Popularis.

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