Micron and Intel unveil world's first 128Gb NAND device

Micron and Intel have announced the results of something that the two have been working on together. The result is the unveil of the world's first 128Gb NAND device. The NAND device is small and aimed at small form factor devices like tablets, smartphones, SSDs, and more. The have also announced the mass production of the 64Gb 20nm NAND.

The new 128Gb MLC NAND is made using 20nm process and the 64Gb NAND entering production uses the same 20nm process. The 128Gb NAND is MLC and it is the first in the industry to allow a terabit of storage in a device the since of a fingertip using eight die. It offers twice the performance and capacity of the existing 64Gb flavor.

Micron notes that the 128Gb device meets ONFI 3.0 specifications and hits speeds of 333 megatransfers per second. Intel and Micron expect samples of the 128Gb NAND to be available in January. Mass production is expected in the first half of 2012. The 64Gb versions in production right now and will allow quick ramping to the new 128Gb chips.