MicroMemo adds a mic for iPod Nano

Rue Liu - Jan 25, 2007

New from Marubeni Infotech Japan is this MicroMemo mic for your 2nd gen iPod Nano. Besides recording yourself singing to your favorite tunes, there’s sure to be many other great uses for this mic attachment, like recording yourself talking.

Although its not one of a kind, it does feature a nice simple design with adjustable arm for mic positioning, records in stereo mode saved as WAV format, and has choice of two recording modes—high and low.

The unit can record up to 51 hours of audio in low mode on the 8GB Nano. It also comes with a built-in speaker and draws power directly from the iPod.

MicroMemo Turns iPod Into, Well, A Mic
[Via: OhGizmo]

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