Mexico's Kukulkan pyramid has two more pyramids hidden inside it

Eastern Mexico's Kukulkan pyramid is full of surprises. Previously, researchers discovered a pyramid inside of the pyramid, that interior one dating back to between 800 and 1000. Now yet another pyramid has been discovered, this one inside of the pyramid that is inside of the main pyramid — making for a total of three pyramids in a nested arrangement. The newly discovered pyramid dates back to between the years 550 and 800.

Also referred to as "The Castle," the exterior (and therefore largest) pyramid dates back to between the years 1050 and 1300. The existence of the older and smaller pyramids inside of it indicate a slow growth through construction spread out over hundreds of years. Why exactly a new pyramid was built over the last one is unclear, but it could include a new leader coming into power or the older pyramid degrading in quality.

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The innermost pyramid — the third one that was just recently discovered — is about 30 meters tall, while the one over it is about 20 meters tall, and the exterior pyramid ("The Castle") is about 30 meters tall. No one has physically seen the innermost pyramid for hundreds of years, though; researchers discovered and confirmed its existence via scanning technologies.

The inner pyramids are exciting for many reasons, not the least of which is the possibilities they hold — the innermost pyramid is significantly older than the outermost one, and therefore could reveal things about the Maya culture that the visible exterior pyramid can't — one that existed before outside influences may have affected the final design.

SOURCE: The Guardian