Mexican drug cartel builds its own tank, forgets about tires

I don't think for a second that I am the only one surprised that drug wars rage on in Mexico. Some of these bloody fights are only a short hop away from the border here in Texas making things even more disconcerting. Apparently, the drug cartels watch the A-Team and have seen B.A. and Face whip up some of those improbably armored cars to take on the world. It's even more apparent the drug cartels forgot to consider one significant point.

That point is that a homemade tank is only as good as its weakest link. Whoever designed this homemade tank car and forgot to put armor over the tires should be fired. The tank you see in the photo here was built by one of the cartels and was used as a way to transport the drugs the cartel values so much. It has been tagged with the nickname El Monstruo 2011. It had a top speed of 68 mph and had space inside for 12 people.

The lack to tire armor resulted in the tank being stopped in a firefight. The firefight that resulted in the capture of the tank was outside of Ciudad Mier, which is in Northern Mexico. This isn't the first homemade armored vehicle to be captured either, an armored truck that looks very Mad Max was captured before. Authorities suspect that other armored vehicles are running the back roads of Mexico too.

[via Jalopnik]