MetroPCS eyes VoIP roll out in early 2012

The amount of bandwidth that all wireless carriers have for voice calls and data use is finite. There comes a point where the bandwidth just isn't there to support more calls and more services in some areas. To help alleviate this bandwidth issue and speed the network overall, most of the major carriers and even some of the smaller ones are moving to carrier VoIP solutions to help spread the load of voice calls over to other parts of the network.

MetroPCS is set to become the next carrier to offer VoIP service to its customers. According to the CEO of the firm, Roger Linquist MetroPCS will start to offer VoIP service via its LTE network in early 2012. MetroPCS is right now migrating its SMS and MMS services over to an IMS-driven VoLTE service and will move the current circuit-switched voice service to the same service as the SMS and MMS messaging.

Currently MetroPCS has CDMA 1X network and LTE network in 14 major markets around the country. The company plans to have LTE service in the same markets it has CDMA x1 service next year. To complete its plans reports claim that metroPCS is keeping an eye on any spectrum that AT&T is forced to shed as part of its bid to acquire T-Mobile.

[via ConnectedPlanetOnline]