Metro Phone is cordless and retro

James Allan Brady - Feb 19, 2008

It runs on the 900MHz band and is a cordless phone with such modern amenities as caller ID. Even with the current century upgrades it still manages to maintain the retro look that makes it worth its cost.

As you can see there is a large “page” button on the base, which I presume also charges the handset. There is push button dialing (what? No rotary dialing?) and a directory that you can store up to 10 names and numbers in.

You can get it in matte black or glossy pink or red. If you want one it will cost you $100, and for that price, you are solely paying for the fashion aspect of the phone as they didn’t even think to load it up with something better than 900MHz which is so old and nearly useless.

[via likecool]

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