Metrics suggest 44% of Twitter uses never tweet

Twitter is one of the more popular platforms out there for communicating and keeping in touch with people. At last count, twitter had about 974 million users. A third party metrics firm has published some figures looking at twitter that shows that a huge number of those users set up an account and then never used it.

The statistics come from Twopcharts, a company that monitors twitter activity. According to that company, 44% of all Twitter users made an account and then abandoned twitter never using their new accounts. The tracking company also claims that out of the accounts that have sent tweets, about 550 million, 43% of those sent their last tweet more than a year ago.

Twopcharts claims that only 126 million of the 974 million twitter accounts have sent any kind of tweet in the last 30 days. Twitter hasn't offered any official comments on Twopcharts' data at this time other than to say it doesn't comment on third party data.

Twitter has steadfastly refused over the years to give any official indication of user retention. As close as Twitter has come to giving official numbers for user retention is stating that it had 241 million average monthly active users as of December 31, 2013. Twopcharts says that there are about 391 million Twitter accounts with no followers.