Metal Gear Solid fan to receive bionic arm, designed by Konami

When your name is Snake, and you lose an arm in battle, you can rest assured that it'll be replaced. And you can bet that it'll be one of the most advanced pieces of tech that one can have attached to their body. Well, if you're a huge Metal Gear Solid fan that lost an arm in an accident, you might just get the same treatment.

In 2012, James Young lost an arm and a leg when he was dragged onto the tracks between two cars on the London railway. Since then, playing games has undoubtedly been a huge challenge, as virtually all forms of input require two hands. Well, Konami, makers of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, have stepped in to help James get his own bionic arm.

Konami has teamed up with The Alternative Limb to create an arm worthy of Snake. The arm is being designed especially for James, and will look very similar to the one Snake had in The Phantom Pain.

While we don't know much about the new limb, all will be revealed in an upcoming documentary. The documentary will be published in three parts on The Phantom Limb Project website.

VIA: Eurogamer