Metagramme Averages Your Instagram Photos

Instagram gives users a fair number of options for personalizing images snapped with their smartphone's camera. Given that every user has their own personal tastes and shooting styles, it makes sense that trends between images will surface, something that is exemplified by the new service Metagramme.

The brainchild of design studio T2D, Metagramme is a Web app that takes the last 32 images you posted on Instagram and, through a bit of digital voodoo, no doubt, averages them into a single image.

The resulting averaged image looks a bit like a grungy background, and when viewed as part of a larger collection, they have their own subtle, sometimes even artistic, patterns. Once you average your own image, you can see how it compares to many other Instagram users who have tried the service.

Metagramme is currently offline, due to its servers being overloaded with traffic. You can still check out previous creations that have been made and spot the ones that stand out from the mass. In some cases, you can see the user's Instagram handle.

VIA: PetaPixel