Mercedes unveils Sprinter camper van concepts

Lots of people buy campers or RVs depending on your vernacular. These vehicles let you tour the countryside and always have a place to live with you. Mercedes-Benz has rolled out some cool new camper van concepts in Europe at the Caravan Salon 2018 show. One of the vans is the Concept Sprinter F-CELL vehicle that is fuel cell powered for emission-free camping.

That concept has a range of up to 530 km and promises fast refueling. The fuel cell can also be used to provide power for the living area. Another concept is called the Concept Marco Polo that takes the idea of a connected home or smart home and crams that into a camper. This concept has voice control of air suspension, pop-up roof, lighting, and other features.

That tech is powered by a new interface module called "Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control" or MBAC that will be offered in the new Sprinter in 2019. The Sprinter Connected Home demo vehicle is close to production and the tech can be implemented by camper bodybuilders started next year.

Mercedes also notes that some ready to buy campers that use the Sprinter as their base will be at the show. That includes a semi-integrated B-Class ModernComfort camper van by HYMER. That camper is based on the newly available Sprinter tractor head variant and Regent S camping bus from La Strada.

Mercedes is also showing off some cool features for the X-Class truck that have to do with camping at the show. Those features include a roof tent structure with heat-insulating GRP and a heavy-duty pull-out with integrated system kitchen from VanEssa mobilecampig.

SOURCE: Mercedes-Benz