Memobottle launches flat water bottle for your tech bag

Memobottle has introduced a new water bottle that is designed for the modern age — it is wide and flat, and (risks of having water next to your expensive gadgets aside) can slip in your bag between your laptop and tablet. The water bottle is being funded on Kickstarter, where it has nearly hit its funding goal.

The memobottle is about what you'd expect from a water bottle: clear, big, and empty, able to hold water and be refilled whenever needed. Rather than adorning them with fancy colors or splashy names (pun entirely intended), each is branded with its size designation.

The smallest water bottle is the "A5", which refers to its size in relation to paper of the same size. The next biggest is the "A4", and the biggest of them all is the "Letter", which will take up a fair bit of your backpack's real estate.

Environment is a big part of the memobottle's marketing, with the goal being to reduce the use of disposable water bottles — doing so with a new reusable one that is designed to fit in modern bags. The campaign has nearly reached its goal on Kickstarter, and has over a month left.

SOURCE: Kickstarter