Medical server hacked to host Call of Duty Game

A radiology physicians group in New Hampshire has some explaining to do today after one of its servers was hacked by a group to play a nice online game of Call of Duty Black Ops. The problem for the medical company comes in that the server hosted private health information on 230,000 patients.

With the strict rules that govern the storage and data security around health care information, this doctors group may soon be sued into oblivion. The hackers that used the server are the target of a very intense investigation to catch the person or persons that gained access to the server.

According to reports, investigators believe that the hackers were located in Scandinavia and they used the bandwidth of the server to play the game. It's not clear how the link to Scandinavia was made. The breach was made public on November 12 when a server admin noticed a reduction in bandwidth and the company has no idea how long the hackers had been inside the server before they were discovered. The security flaw that allowed the hackers access has been fixed. I would really hate to be that server admin.

Via The Register