MediaTek Helio G35 and G25 launched for entry-level gaming phones

Almost everyone who has a smartphone these days has played a mobile game, even those that probably don't remember (or admit) whiling time away in Candy Crush or Disney Emoji Blitz. Most of the time, however, mobile gaming is targeted at a certain consumer class ready to splurge on expensive smartphones with beefed-up hardware, leaving those with entry-level budget phones out in the cold. MediaTek is now promising that it has their back with the launch of the new Helio G35 and Helio G25 made exactly for this tier.

With that preamble, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that these processors don't exactly boast impressive numbers. Sure, both of them have eight cores but all of those cores are of the "power-efficient" Cortex-A53 kind. They support up to 6GB of LPDDR3 or LPDDR4X RAM and maxes out storage tech at the slower eMMC 5.1.

Of the two, the Helio G35 is the "beefier" one, if you could call it that. Its max clock cycle reaches 2.3 GHz and it can support up to 2400x1080 FHD+ resolutions. For cameras, it can only support either a single 25 megapixel sensor or two 13 megapixel cameras.

The Helio G25 is as budget as can be, running at only 2.0 GHz on all cores. 1600x720 HD+ is as far as it will go in graphics display and it can only support 21 megapixel cameras. Either that or manufacturers can put a 13 MP sensor side by side an 8 MP one. Both don't have 5G capabilities, unsurprisingly.

Of course, MediaTek isn't satisfied leaving people with just raw numbers and is heavily promoting the same HyperEngine Game Tech on its other Helio G chipsets. The technology is used for "intelligent resource management" while playing games but, truthfully, there isn't much to manage anyway. MediaTek says that "mainstream" smartphones from major brands, unnamed of course, will start carrying the Helio G35 and Helio G25 in the coming months.