Medal of Honor Warfighter multiple player beta launches in early October

If you're a fan of PC shooters or the Medal of Honor franchise, you probably already heard of the coming entry for the franchise called Warfighter. EA has announced that it will offer player's entry to the open multiple player beta world of Warfighter in early October. The multiple player shooter allows players to choose from some of the most elite soldiers in the world.

Available fighting units hail from 10 different nations and gamers can choose from 12 different Tier 1 units, including the British SAS, German KSK, Russians Spetznaz Alpha Group, Korean UDT, and the U.S. Navy Seal. The game is powered by the Frostbite 2 game engine. EA says that Medal of Honor Warfighter is the only shooter that lets players choose from the best fighting units available in the world, then battle it out in a multiple player environment.

Gamers who participate in the beta will also be able to unlock a music video from Linkin Park called Castle of Glass. EA promises to release the video five days after the beta launches. However, gamers will be of the unlock video earlier if the beta download reaches 3 million units.

The music video will feature a mix of live-action footage edited with game play recordings taken from Warfighter. Gamers who participate in the beta will also get 60 minutes of Double XP when the full game launches. EA says that Warfighter was written by actual US Tier 1 Operators while they were deployed overseas, and the game will be the most authentic military shooter of the year.