Medal of Honor Crushes PSJailbreak

Stephanie Scala - Oct 13, 2010
Medal of Honor Crushes PSJailbreak

Medal of Honor has taken great steps in protecting its beloved intellectual property from being pirated with PSJailbreak. For those of you wanting to play the newly released game, you’ll have to update your PS3 to the latest 3.50 firmware. Along with a purchase price of $59.99 (new, $49.99 used) EA happily provided the latest firmware version on the disc for you. According to Digital Foundry, anyone unwilling or simply not wanting to update their PS3 will not be able to play the game. Now that would just be a waste of $60 (plus tax), wouldn’t it?

Medal of Honor leads the way in this effort to keep piracy at bay. All games released from this point on (even pirated ones) will need to have the updated firmware in order to be played. Digital Foundry is confident that it will be a lot harder, if not impossible for pirates to hack into the system. So hackers beware, EA means business, and they’re bringing others with them.

[via mcvuk]

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