McLaren won't make a Porsche Cayman competitor

Bad news for McLaren fans who have been hoping the sports car maker would extend its line to cover a lower price point. McLaren is targeting the Porsche 911 models with the 540C, but it won't make anything cheaper it seems. Rumors had suggested that McLaren might make a Porsche Cayman competitor, but those rumors have now bene quashed.

The brand wants to retain its high-end appeal and a car priced low enough to compete with the Cayman isn't in the cards. McLaren's Robert Melville says that bringing the brand down from the very high end with the P8 competing with the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 to a car like the 570S and 540C aimed at competing with the Audi R8 and 911 is as low as McLaren wants to go.

The key with the 570S is that the car is made to be usable as an only car for someone well-heeled enough to afford a McLaren, but not owning multiple cars like the very wealthy P8 owners typically do. McLaren will have a convertible version of the 570S and a third version with grand tourer body work are both planned.

The 570S GT will look different from other 570S models. A budget McLaren competing with the Cayman at the mid $50,000 range to $70,000 would have been nice, but alas it isn't to happen.

SOURCE: Autocar