McDonald's is testing wireless charging tables in Europe

McDonalds is launching a new wireless charging service at a select amount of its restaurants in Europe. The fast food chain will equip its tables with PowerKiss wireless technology that's based off of Qi's wireless technology. Every surface of McDonald's tables will be capable of wirelessly charging devices. You'll be able to enjoy your Big Mac, fries, and a drink while simultaneously juicing up your device.

Currently Qi's wireless charging technology is available in over 15 million devices out there, and only those devices will be able to take advantage of McDonald's new tables. However, PowerKiss sells an accessory called the PowerKiss Ring that plugs into any phone and makes it ready for wireless charging.

Eric Burgeois, Senior Director of ERDDS (European Restaurant Development and Design Studio) for McDonald's Europe, said that its "always important for us to create premium value for our mobile customers", which is why they implemented the PowerKiss wireless charging technology in its restaurants. PowerKiss CEO Mats Wolontis stated that implementing wireless charging in McDonald's tables will appeal to all customer demographics, from teens to families to business people.

Currently, McDonald's is only testing PowerKiss's wireless technology in select restaurants in Europe, but the fast food chain plans on expanding the technology to various other countries in the future. Hopefully we'll see these new tables hit the U.S. sometime soon, and it may bring a whole new change to the restaurant scenery in the future.

[via PowerKiss]