McAfee arrives in the United States after stint in Guatemalan jail

The McAfee saga has come to a semi-satisfying end, with the antivirus pioneer-turned-fugitive arriving safely in the United States after fleeing police in Belize and ending up in a Guatemalan detention center. Reuters is reporting that American Airlines passengers claim McAfee touched down in Miami earlier today. Says witnesses, the 67-year-old was escorted by security personnel from the plane.

One source at the airport claims to have seen McAfee's plane leave for Miami at 3:40PM, which then landed a few hours later at 7PM. McAfee has been quoted as saying: "I'm happy to be home. I've been running through jungles and rivers and oceans and I think I need to rest for a while. And I've been in jail for seven days."

All this started after McAfee's neighbor in Belize was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. McAfee was never on good terms in Belize, with frequent reports that he harbored guns and drugs and dangerous dogs. The fugitive himself has a different story, however, stating that the police have it out for him because he didn't fork over $2m in bribes.

As for now, McAfee says he has no plans. He's going to "hang out in Miami for awhile," eat some sushi, and just generally be chill after his adventure through a real-life Lifetime movie. He is still wanted in Belize, however, but can't be extradited because there is insufficient evidence to implicate him as a proper suspect. It seems, for now at least, McAfee's journey has come to an end.

[via Reuters]