Mayer tipped to unveil turnaround strategy to Yahoo troops this week

Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer has been surprisingly open and upfront with Yahoo employees. That is a significant change from how things were run at Yahoo previously. According to a source cited by AllThingsD, Mayer will be unveiling a plan to help turn around Yahoo to workers this week in a surprising bit of transparency.

The internal memo pegs the meeting for Tuesday and turnaround efforts will initially focus on improving Yahoo's search efforts and advertising platforms. Mayer will be performing two meetings with one in the morning and one later in the day to accommodate foreign staff. Mayer also tips in the memo another all-hands staff meeting for October 1.

The October meeting will cover the rollout of a new system and process for tracking goals within Yahoo. The system will be used to track annual goals and grade them on a company level and then the level of departments, teams, and individuals. That is certainly a good thing because tracking goals is important when you're trying to turn around a company in as much trouble as Yahoo.

Yahoo is expected to begin to spend significantly on search and advertising platforms. AllThingsD, also reports that Yahoo is expected to revamp its search partnership with Microsoft. Other things at Yahoo expected to be addressed include a refreshed Yahoo homepage and refreshed e-mail offerings. Both of those aspects are expected to be redesigned to substantially focus on the consumer experience. Perhaps most interesting item in the story at AllThingsD is Kara Swishers note that she is no longer embedding the full text of internal memos. She hints that Yahoo may be monitoring the use of those free smartphones we mentioned before in an attempt to catch people leaking internal documents.

[via AllThingsD]