May non-computer web traffic numbers show Android dominates US smartphones and iPad wins in tablets

Metrics firm comScore has released the numbers for web traffic from non-comptuer devices for May 2011. The numbers look specifically at the iPhone and iPad as well as Android smartphones and tablets in various countries. In the smartphone world in the US, Android offerings were responsible for 35.6% of web traffic from smartphones. The iPhone was responsible for 23.5% of web traffic in the segment.

It's interesting to me that in the UK the opposite numbers are seen. Smartphone web traffic in the UK is 29.9% from the iPhone and 15.1% from Android devices. This would be mostly due to the wide availability of the iPhone in the UK for a long time now while in the US iPhone buyers only have two networks to choose. The tablet market is dominated by Apple.

In the US, the iPad racks up 21.8% of web traffic for the category leaving the Android tablets with 0.6% and other OS tablets at only 0.1%. In the UK, the iPad has 21.3% of traffic and Android has 0.3% with no other OS' scoring. The iPod touch also has a nice percentage of web traffic with 7.8% in the US and 8.7% in the UK.

[via Android Community]