Maxthon launches latest iteration of its PC web browser in beta form

Shane McGlaun - Dec 9, 2013, 4:19am CST
Maxthon launches latest iteration of its PC web browser in beta form

Maxthon has launched the latest beta version of its web browser aimed specifically at Windows PC users. The company says that the latest version of its browser improves performance for rendering web pages and managing downloads. The browser gets some of its promised speed from a branched version of the Blink rendering engine.

Maxthon says that the new rendering engine and other tweaks to the browser make it 10% faster overall than Chrome 30. Maxthon also claims that the new browser has 40% faster start times than previous versions of the browser.

The company claims that in tests comparing the new Maxthon browser to Chrome 30, Maxthon was 10% faster than Chrome. People concerned with privacy while surfing the web might be interested in the new Maxthon browser. The company says that it uses a 3rd party cookie system that allows the use of personalization systems online without allowing ad network tracking to function.

The new Maxthon browser includes broad and deep HTML5 support. Support for WebGL & GPU acceleration allows improved graphics and image processing. The new browser also allows multi-threaded downloads to speed downloads up to five times and promises to use the smallest amount of RAM of any web browser.

SOURCE: Maxthon

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