Maxell maxsound Soundbar is small and compact

If you have a small TV in your office or a dorm room and you want better sound and not much room the Maxell maxsound Soundbar might be the ticket for you. This small soundbar is the curved bit of plastic you see in the horrible product shot courtesy of Maxell. The stand is designed to slip under your TV and can hold up to 55 pounds on top.

The maxsound also sports dual 3.5mm inputs so you can connect your MP3 player or even your computer to the soundbar for playback. This might be the perfect soundbar for your AIO computer that pulls duty watching streaming media. The little sound bar has an integrated subwoofer, dynamic balance control and a remote control.

The maxsound needs 6.5W of power to operate and has a 2.1 configuration inside the case. The front speakers are rated for 10W each at 3-ohms and the sub is 30W at 6-ohms. The soundbar measures 23" x 2" x 8.5" and weighs about 3.5 pounds. From the specs, I would not expect awesome sound, but it will be better than the integrated speakers on your TV or AIO computer.