Matsushita Readies 103-inch Plasma TV for Sale

Benjamin Nied - Jul 10, 2006

Just in case you feel that your current TV is simply not large enough for your tastes, Matsushita is ready to begin selling their monster-sized 103-inch plasma TV, otherwise known as “that big-ass TV that requires a second mortgage on your home to buy.” It features such state-of-the-art features as 1080p HDTV capabilities and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and weighs in at an astounding 215 kg (or roughly 474 lbs.).

Matsushita’s new baby also beats out Samsung’s 102-inch TV as the biggest available (even though Samsung has yet to begin selling their mega-set). While a price has yet to be announced, this thing won’t be cheap by any definition; Matsushita’s 65-inch plasma sets retail for $7,500 in Japan. Don’t be surprised if this new set clocks in at over $10,000, and also don’t be surprised if you’re forced to sell possessions to acquire one.

[via Reuters]

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