Matrox Graphics Unveils the Matrox Mura Controller Board

Evan Selleck - Nov 17, 2010
Matrox Graphics Unveils the Matrox Mura Controller Board

Today, Matrox Graphics Inc. officially announced, and unveiled, their brand new Matrox Mura controller board, which the company believes will be a new benchmark for collaborative video walls. The company is already busy showing off their new creation at the InfoComm Asia 2010 event, which is taking place in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. And, with the device’s ability to provide downstream and upstream on a single board at four times the performance of its closest competitor, we imagine that it’s getting plenty of attention over there.

The new Matrox Mura controller board offers full support for 1080p HD inputs, and it has the full ability to simultaneously drive four monitors at up to 2048 x 1080. The best part, though, is that the controller board is able to do that, while still maintaining the full RGB 888 image quality, making sure that the images aren’t degraded at all. The entire board is based around second generation PCI Express technology, and utilizes a x16 bus interface that provides 64 Gb/s of bandwidth. But, if you were to choose the customized 10-slot Matrox Mura switch fabric, you’ll get 512 Gb/s upstream and downstream, which means a total throughput of 1Tb/sec.

The board is capable of displaying a wide range of video sources, including RGB, component, composite, DVI/HDMI, and S-Video. The new controller board is designed for Microsoft’s Windows 7 64-bit based systems, and it’s available in developer kit fashion right now. If you’re interested in finding how much you’ll have to spend on one of your own, or where to get one, check out the full press release below for the contact information.

Press Release

Introducing Matrox Mura: The New Benchmark for Collaborative Video Walls

New PCIe 2.0 x16 controller board and switch fabric technologies offer extraordinary throughput to deliver unmatched image quality and performance

Montreal, Canada, November 17, 2010 — Matrox Graphics Inc. unveils the ultimate building block for video wall controllers with the new Matrox Mura™ controller board, capable of capturing four full 1080p HD inputs and simultaneously driving four monitors at up to 2048×1080, while maintaining full RGB 888 image quality. Based on second generation PCI Express technology, the controller board boasts a x16 bus interface providing an unrivalled 64 Gb/s of bandwidth for cutting-edge performance, while the customized 10-slot Matrox Mura switch fabric can deliver 512 Gb/s upstream and downstream for an unprecedented total throughput of 1Tb/sec. The flexible, all-in-one controller board captures content from and displays to a range of signal types including RGB, DVI/HDMI, component, composite, and S-video sources. Integrating input and output plus support for all types of channels in one single-slot controller board simplifies inventory management, while its standard form factor makes it easy to integrate into any video wall processor.

Matrox partner Amara International Ltd. will be showcasing Matrox Mura technology at InfoComm Asia 2010 in Booth 7C04, from November 17-19 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.

“Matrox Mura’s upstream and downstream capabilities on a single board—at 4 times the performance of its competition—represents the new building block standard for display wall applications,” says Alain Thiffault, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. “By replacing existing multi-board set offerings, integrators can now easily exploit a mainstream computer’s available system slots to drive boardroom-type installs or use our custom switch fabric to comfortably power large-scale visualization and collaboration environments.”

The new addition to the well-established Matrox family of Display Wall Controller boards supports the existing Matrox Display Wall API interface, allowing current OEM customers to use their existing wall management software, without any additional development, for a seamless transition from the existing Matrox VPX™ and Matrox PPX™ product lines. Matrox Display Wall SDK now offers a new management interface, network API, and RS-232 control to help new customers shorten their time to market.

The new Matrox Mura controller board is designed for Microsoft® Windows® 7 64-bit systems and offers superior performance at a competitive price. Developer kits are available now for select partners. Contact Matrox for additional details on Mura and our wide range of video wall solutions.
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