Mastodon has finally released an official app for iPhone

Mastodon, the open source social media platform alternative to bigger platforms like Twitter, has finally launched an official app, but only for the iPhone (for now). Mastodon is very similar in appearance to Twitter, though it also allows users to create their own communities in the same way they can on Reddit.

The app, which is now live on the Apple App Store, makes it easier for users to access Mastodon through mobile, offering an experience very similar to what you get with the Twitter app. The official Mastodon app can, for example, be used to receive notifications when someone reblogs your posts, replies to your posts, and follows your accounts.

As well, this app supports posting content, including media like GIFs and videos, plus users are able to browse currently trending content and view new account recommendations of people you may want to follow. Other features include support for dark and 'true black' modes, the ability to publish polls, plus the team promises their cute elephant mascot will 'pop up from time to time.'

Overall, the app may make it easier for new users to create a profile and get started with a community that revolves around their interests, such as art, books, and tech. Though third-party apps remain available for accessing Mastodon from mobile, the official Mastodon app is free and doesn't feature advertisements.

Android users will need to continue using those third-party apps for now, as only an official app for iOS is available at this point. Mastodon's CEO recently told The Verge that there are plans to launch a similar app for Android, though the team isn't yet ready to provide any sort of timeline for when the product will be made available.