Master Chief navigates your Waze trips in bizarre Halo Infinite crossover

Halo Infinite is almost certainly the most anticipated Xbox game on the horizon, so obviously, Microsoft is going to be putting together some cross-promotion deals. Of course, this is nothing new for major video games, but today, we got word of one of the strangest crossover promotions we've heard yet. Halo characters and vehicles are coming to the navigation app Waze, and trust us, it's a weird one for sure.

More specifically, Waze is getting a new Halo theme that's going live in the app around the world today. After selecting the theme, users then have to pick a side – either the UNSC or the Banished, the latter of which will serve as the primary antagonists in Halo Infinite (at least as far as we know).

If you pick the USNC, your car will then be represented by a Warthog in-app, with Master Chief acting as the voice of your navigator. On the other hand, those selecting the Banished will have their in-app car replaced by a Ghost, while the Banished war chief Escharum will become the voice of your navigator.

To turn on the Halo theme in Waze, you'll need to open the app, select "My Waze," and then tap on the Halo banner you see there. Microsoft says that the Halo content is available worldwide in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. You'll even be able to set Master Chief and Escharum as your Waze profile's mood after picking a side so other Waze users will know what side you picked.

While we still don't have a release date for Halo Infinite, cross-promotions like this suggest that Microsoft is confident it can keep the game's current Holiday 2021 release window. We'll let you know more on that front when Microsoft delivers new information, but for now, Waze users can get something resembling a Halo fix by opening up the app and booting up one of these experiences.