Master Chief has been on a lot of new frontiers, the latest is Lego

Lego artist Nathan Sawaya is a genius, nearly a god, I encourage you to check out, anyways his medium, Legos. Not paint, or clay, Legos.

This time he made a Lego sculpture of Master Chief from the infamous Halo video game. Not only did he make a sculpture of this gaming icon out of Legos, but he did it in time lapse all without instructions or a guide or anything, just laid out a bunch of bricks and started going at it.

The video also shows his giant collection of Legos and I must say I am both impressed and jealous. In case you were wondering, he does sell his art, he does respect copyrights so he probably won't sell this piece, or any other piece that comes from a copyrighted work, but he does also do custom works. I couldn't get a link to just the video, even though it's a Flash video, but here is the link to it.

Timelapse Lego Master Chief [via Kotaku]