Massive great white shark filmed high-fiving diver

You've seen Jaws, you've probably seen shark skeletons at the museum, and maybe you have even seen a real live shark up close. You've likely not, however, seen one quite this massive. Earlier this week on Facebook, Mauricio Hoyos Padilla posted a video of a diver not in a protective cage casually swatting the fin of a massive great white shark as it circled around. The diver was instead standing on top of what appeared to be a diving cage in which another diver was secured. The shark took a look around and then swam on, presumably, to find something more interesting elsewhere. Video after the jump.

According to Padilla, the giant shark was filmed near Guadalupe Island. It isn't clear whether Padilla was one of the divers; his Facebook, though, says he is the Director General of Pelagios-Kakunja, a non-profit environmental conservation entity.

Of course, there's nothing that says this is definitely the biggest Great White Shark — they can get quite large, with the biggest ever officially and accurately measuring in at 20ft. in length, according to Discovery, though there are some others that are said to have been a few feet bigger.

A great white shark around 20ft, says researchers, will weigh somewhere around 4,200 pounds. It isn't clear how big the shark in the video is, though it does certainly seem to fall toward the larger side of things.

SOURCE: Facebook