Mass Effect Trilogy announced for 360, PS3, PC

If you've somehow managed to miss out on BioWare's three Mass Effect games, then good news: BioWare and Electronic Arts announced a new Mass Effect Trilogy bundle today. The compilation naturally features all three games in the Mass Effect series, so it should be perfect for those who have yet to jump aboard the Mass Effect bandwagon.

What's surprising about this announcement is that the Mass Effect Trilogy will be coming to Xbox 360, PC, and PS3, meaning that PS3 players will finally get to enjoy the first Mass Effect title. It was looking bleak for a long time there since Microsoft acted as publisher on the first game, leading many gamers to believe that Mass Effect would never come to PS3. Not only is Mass Effect launching on PS3 in the Mass Effect Trilogy, but it will also be available as a standalone download on PSN.

Unfortunately, PS3 players are going to have to wait a bit longer than Xbox 360 and PC players. While the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the Mass Effect Trilogy will be launching on November 6, PS3 owners won't be getting it until "a later date." The announcement from Electronic Arts doesn't get any more specific than that, so PS3 players might have a while yet before the Mass Effect Trilogy launches on their console of choice.

The Trilogy will only cost $59.99 when its released, which is surprising considering that it features three full games and Mass Effect 3 isn't that old. BioWare will be celebrating the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy with the first "N7 day," which is slated for – surprise! – November 7. Details on N7 Day are still pretty slim, but we're told that there will be a number of in-game and online events to celebrate the new gaming holiday. More information on both the Mass Effect Trilogy and N7 Day should be coming soon, so stay tuned.