Mass Effect Slated For A May 2008 Release On The PC

While I completely understand the need for exclusive titles, I'm always happy to see titles released on several consoles at the same time. Not only does that generally ensure that I'll be able to play the game, but there's also a good chance that most of my friends can play as well. That said, I'm happy to hear that Mass Effect will be released for the PC this May.

The game will remain mostly the same, though BioWare has stated that there will be a few changes for the PC version. According to the official release, the changes are as follows:

Optimized for the PC, Mass Effect for the PC incorporates the following features:

• Optimized controls designed specifically for the PC.

• High resolution visuals – Mass Effect for the PC features highly detailed textures, characters and environments.

• Fully customizable controls – PC gamers can re-map the control scheme any way they like.

• Run & Gun Control – Players can assign biotic powers or skills to 'hot keys' allowing them to play Mass Effect with a heavier focus on action.

• New decryption mini-game.

• New inventory screen GUI and functionality – The enhanced inventory system makes it easier for players to equip and modify their weapons and armor.

I'm a little disappointed to hear that there won't be any extra alien sex scenes for the PC. I guess Fox News will have to find their juicy bits of misinformation somewhere else. Perhaps they'll catch wind of some mod of the "Hot Coffee" nature and spin it out of control.

[via MaxConsole]