Mass Effect Legendary Edition first update now live: All of the changes

We closed out last week with the launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and we're opening this week with a patch for the compilation. Today, BioWare issued an update for Mass Effect Legendary Edition that fixes a handful of issues across all three titles included in the Legendary Edition. These fixes are going live across all platforms as well, so everyone who owns the Legendary Edition is getting this update today.

The patch notes for this update split the fixes into a few different categories – we have fixes for individual games along with general fixes that are more broad in scope. Under the general heading, BioWare says that it has fixed an issue where the launcher would crash or become unresponsive when using a wireless headset on Xbox Series X. BioWare says that crashes can still happen if you enable or disable a headset while in the launcher, but a fix for that will be coming in a future update.

Other general fixes include improved iris shaders and "minor calibrations, fixes, and stability improvements. For Mass Effect specifically, BioWare that it has improved terrain textures and fixed an issues where kill progress for achievements and trophies wasn't being tracked properly (a fix that also applies to Mass Effect 3). There are a couple of fixes that apply to both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 as well: pre-rendered cutscenes have been optimized to reduce artifacts, while an issue that prevented the character code from showing in the squad menu has been fixed as well.

For Mass Effect 2, it looks like the changes we're getting are all visual in nature. Players will see "improved lighting and shadows" in certain cinematics, along with "minor visual, rendering, and VFX improvements on some levels." BioWare also says that is has fixed some unspecified text issues with achievements.

Even though the patch notes for this update are short, the update itself is anything but small, as Steam says that it weighs in at 11GB. This patch should be available today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC today, so be sure to get it downloaded.