Mass Effect 3 to get new Omega DLC next month

If you're gamer who likes RPGs or shooters, you probably checked out the games in the Mass Effect franchise in the past. These are some the best video games out there for combining shooters with role-playing, all rolled up with a compelling and interesting storyline. One of the best things about the Mass Effect games is that the developers release lots of DLC content to expand the game and keep players interested.

The latest game in the franchise, Mass Effect 3, has already received one DLC update this year, and another is coming. A video was making the rounds late last week that was shot at the New York Comic-Con. The video has reportedly now been taken off-line, but the person in the interview was from BioWare and gave out a few details on the DLC content.

The new download pack is said to be the largest the developers have ever made for the game at nearly twice the size of the previous download content. The DLC content is called Omega and will have players playing as the blue-skinned alien Aria along with a new character. Aria and her cohort will be trying to regain control of the Omega space station.

The original video tipped the release date as being November 27 for the Xbox 360. The content was said to cost 1200 MS Points, or about $14.99. MCV is reporting that the content will be coming on that same date for PC and PS3 owners. I watched the video interview in question late last week and noted no indication of a launch date for PC or PS3 users.

[via MCV]