Mass Effect 3 to focus more on developing story and characters

Mass Effect is one of my personal favorite video game franchises out there. I player the first game through several times choosing different characters to see what it was like from other perspectives, and I liked the second installment as well. Mass Effect 3 is in the works, and the game should be another fantastic installment for the franchise. The thrid installment is going more Hollywood it seems.

The developers are talking a bit about the game and what they are saying bodes well for the fans. They are treating the new game like a movie and will be delving deeper into the story and the character development in the next installment. The devs do note that people that haven't played the first two games will be able to jump in with the third in the franchise and understand what is going on.

Particularly, Commander Shepard will get more emotion. That will be interesting considering he has been mostly of the no emotion type in the other games. I can't wait for this new game to hit store shelves, so we can see what the developers have in store for us this time out. Check out the dev interview below.

[via Pikimal]