Mash-Up: Halo and Laser Tag

Coming to a Hot Topic near you are a couple Covenant weapons and their laser receivers. Sadly they don't actually do any physical damage, but they do seem to play laser tag pretty well.

The two guns to be available are the Plasma Rifle and the Pistol, with the expectation of a Covenant Energy Sword; I don't see how that will play into the mix with a couple of long range weapons, but, whatever. The weapons have built in sound effects and vibration as well as LED lights. So, not only to they look like the real thing, but they feel like it too.

They were also generous enough to include a "Super Shot Mode" which does more damage to your opponent, how do they expect to sell the Plasma Rifle then? Anyways, they should be available in October at Hot Topic and other fine retailers for, as yet, and undisclosed amount.

Halo Laser Pursuit Coming In October [via Crunchgear]