Maryland is the latest state to report severe vaping lung injury cases

Public health officials in another state have reported cases of a mysterious lung illness that has impacted more than 100 people who vape. The report comes from Maryland, where the state's Department of Health issued an advisory on Wednesday, August 28, revealing that it confirmed five cases of this issue from the last two months. Symptoms in these cases mirror ones reported in other states.READ: Vaping linked to lung changes that cause emphysema in smokers

Earlier this month, a report from the Wisconsin Department of Public Health detailed an unnamed, mysterious 'severe lung injury' that had appeared in individuals who vape. Officials had detailed the symptoms of this condition and advised health care workers in other states to keep an eye out for similar cases.

In the following days and weeks, additional reports of this condition have been issued by public health officials in Illinois, Calfornia, and a number of other states. Maryland joined them earlier this week, confirming five instances of people who suffered from shortness of breath, fatigue, fever, nausea, and diarrhea.

In all five cases, health officials state that there's no clear cause of infection and that all five people had to be hospitalized. As with officials in other states, the Maryland Department of Health is working with the FDA, CDC, and local health departments on this matter. The cases in Maryland were linked to instances of vaping nicotine products and THC/marijuana products.

Officials have not been able to link these cases to a particular product, ingredient, or supplier at this time, but an investigation is underway. Individuals who vape are advised to seek medical help if they begin to experience symptoms similar to the ones reported in these cases, including trouble breathing. One death linked to this lung condition has been reported.