Marvel's Avengers Xbox Series X and PS5 launch delayed

Marvel's Avengers seems to have lost much of the momentum it had leading up to launch, and now Crystal Dynamics has unveiled a new plan to get the game back on track. Unfortunately, this has some bad news for the release of Kate Bishop and the launch of the next-gen versions of this game, as both have been delayed past their original release windows.

Now, according to Crystal Dynamics' latest State of the Game Update for Avengers, Hawkeye's release has been moved out of October. We don't have a solid release date for Avengers' first post-launch character yet, but we know that it'll at least be November before we see Kate Bishop's Hawkeye join the squad.

Just as well, Crystal Dynamics announced that the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions of the game won't be out until sometime in 2021. Those who are buying next-gen consoles right away will still be able to play their current-gen copies of Avengers on new hardware and get improved frame rates and faster loading times, but those who are holding out for the true Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions of this game will be waiting until next year.

These delays are happening so the studio can focus on fixing issues and making quality of life improvements to the game. In that lengthy State of the Game post, we're told that Crystal Dynamics plans to add a ping system to Avengers, along with something of a New Game+ mode that allows players to go through the campaign again while carrying over their heroes' gear and levels.

Crystal Dynamics also says that it will also focus on improving performance and stability (particularly on PC), multiplayer and matchmaking, and working on better rewards. Just as well, the company plans to pad out the late game with more content, which will be good news for a lot of players who currently find the endgame loop lacking. To read more about what's next for Marvel's Avengers, hit the link above – otherwise, stay tuned for more on when the game will come to next-gen platforms.