Marvel's Avengers is getting a surprise Xbox Game Pass release

In the next few days, we should hear about the new Xbox Game Pass titles for the first part of October, but before that announcement comes around the bend, Microsoft has made a surprise reveal to close September. Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics announced that Marvel's Avengers will be joining Xbox Game Pass, and even better is the news that the game will be here in just a couple of days.

Crystal Dynamics announced today that Marvel's Avengers will be joining the Xbox Game Pass lineup on September 30th, 2021. That is this Thursday for those without a calendar handy, so in just a couple of days, you'll be able to dive into the latest game from Crystal Dynamics and see if its somewhat controversial reputation is warranted.

Marvel's Avengers will be available on all versions of Xbox Game Pass – console, cloud, and PC. In a post to Xbox Wire today, Crystal Dynamics explains that the Xbox Game Pass version will come with all of the free content that's been released for the game so far, including the recently-launched War for Wakanda DLC.

Presumably, the Xbox Game Pass version will get new content updates as the paid versions get them, though the studio does say that Marvel's Avengers on Game Pass won't have the eight skins that were in the Endgame Edition DLC. Those playing on Xbox Game Pass can purchase the Endgame Edition DLC for $20, though we're not sure it's worth picking that up since it only includes the Endgame skins.

Marvel's Avengers proved to be a rather divisive game at launch, so this release on Xbox Game Pass is an excellent way to see if it's the game for you without dropping a bunch of cash first. Look for Marvel's Avengers to drop on all versions of Xbox Game Pass this Thursday, September 30th.